Hello all My devoted pay slaves & loser boys. It has definitely been a while since My last blog post! I know you are all DYING to know what’s going on in the fabulous life of Princess Karmel.

As you may have noticed, I am no longer affiliated with the GlamWorship website. Several of Us have left for good reason. Cam sessions are still available through Skype or Yahoo IM. Visit www.PrincessKarmelCAM.com for more info on scheduling Cam sessions and ordering Custom videos!

I have begun to film more videos once again, which will be uploaded to My site shortly. you will also be able to find My videos in My Kinkbomb studio. I intend to release one video per day or as often as I see fit. I am a busy girl after all! So all you jerk-off addicts look out for HOT NEW clips to worship & wank yourself silly to. Feed your addiction to ME one video at a time… Get lost deeper & deeper in My world!

Calling all pay slaves, cash pigs & all you hopeless boys who LOVE to spoil Me rotten… time to send tributes, e-gift cards (see earlier blog post for e-gift cards I like most) & don’t forget to shop My Amazon Wishlist! It is sooo fulfilling to pamper your Princess.

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