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SHHH. Be a Good Boy & listen attentively. I am Princess Karmel, a girl a slave like you has longed for his entire life. You can't resist your never-ending urge to pay up & spoil this young, hot, elite Brat. The only purpose of your life is to surrender to Me & fund My luxurious high-end lifestyle. When I drain your wallet, you get to feel useful... and you love that don't you pet?

When you spoil & pamper Me, you feel a sense of accomplishment that you have never felt before. You know that this is what you were born to do... Serve Me, Princess Karmel.

You will obey Me, as I allow you to experience just how blissful & fulfilling it is to have a spoiled, bratty Princess like Me make all the decisions for you. You will NEVER make another decision in your life. You are My walking ATM & you will surrender your body, mind & your money to Me. You are consumed by thoughts of Me & ONLY ME. My hypnotic, entrancing voice... My gorgeous face & body... The complete control that I have over you... You yearn for it. You crave it. Surrender & obey. You work & live for ME.

I say what I want. I do what I want. I get EVERYTHING I want. End of story.